Reencounter With Calcutta- Tinuca Revolvo

“Every time I think of traveling to Kolkata, every time I do my travel preparations, every time my suitcase is full of myself, ready to spend time with the Fundación Colores de Calcuta project, my [...]

The birth of the Dental Clinic. Dr Luis Jané

Dr Luis Jané shares his experience with us as the driving force behind the recently opened dental clinic in our Medical Centre in Pilkhana.

María, From Calcutta to Barcelona

"It all began the day that we, five medical students got in contact with the NGO Colours of Calcutta to go to Calcutta in August, 2012. Very excited and eager to help, we started in [...]

Mercedes: a Life Lesson

"On my first day as a volunteer in the unit of malnutrition I met a boy who refused to meet me as I was invading his routine. On my last day, as I was walking [...]

Laura and Puja

"I think I will never forget Puja, the little girl who entered the programme when we were there. The first day her mother brought her to do a checkup and we were told that she [...]

Silvia, the Experience of Sharing

"It was an experience to share and be part of their lives for a while, surrounded by other volunteers, with whom I created strong bounds, getting together to work and doing daily chores, which primarily [...]