More than a third of deaths of children under the age of 5 are related to malnutrition. In India, nearly 50% of children at this age suffer from it, a percentage which is significantly higher in slums like Pilkhana. The consequences for a child with malnutrition are not just physical, but also emotional, affecting their ability to learn, their overall development, and therefore, their future.

Therefore, along with the health care that is provided at the medical centre for pregnant women and for children, we have a programme of treatment for children under the age of 2 with malnutrition, which offers two services: A day unit for the most extreme cases and a weekly care programme.

Every year, around 120 children receive a comprehensive treatment, which consists of providing them not only with the food and medical care they need, but also with stimulation which helps them recover their smile, their desire to play and to learn. As part of the treatment, we also work with the mothers in group sessions, where we teach them the basics of healthy childrearing.