In the slum where we work, there are many women from families who live below the poverty line, who never went to school or left school early to dedicate their time to domestic chores at home, looking after their elders and siblings.

The craft studio for women was born in 2011 with the aim of providing professional training and an opportunity to work for these women, who need to find a way to generate income to help maintain their families. The studio offers this opportunity through arts and crafts, sharing their manual skills, as well as creating a space where they feel valued and respected so that they can develop as people.

The studio was made possible thanks to its integration into the CRC, a handicraft organisation in Calcutta, which forms part of the International Fair Trade network; the support in Spain from Bordar & Co; and the collaboration of the IADE, Artistic Institution of Education.

At the moment, more than 20 women work at the studio and the next step is to create a co-operative, under the name of Swikriti (meaning “recognition” in Bengali). If you have a shop and you are interested in the arts and crafts from our studio, write to us at: