“Every time I think of traveling to Kolkata, every time I do my travel preparations, every time my suitcase is full of myself, ready to spend time with the Fundación Colores de Calcuta project, my soul gets excited”.

First of all because of the emotion I feel when I see the girls in Anand Bhavan again, see how the efforts of all those who form the columns on Antonio and Maria’s project, makes them improve and become women with a future in the Indian society, who can help their people in their development towards a better life. That center’s director, Pranita, an Indian woman involved in helping the poor.

The work in the Medical Center supporting the environment of this neighbourhood with its programme of malnutrition, its new-dental clinic. Sharing your day to day make you take consciousness of the enormous effort involved, the daily attempt to make these projects work. Seeing the faces of these children, smiling as they see you coming to their place. You get to know the dreams of the project creators: the school, the ophthalmologist … Dreams that with a little help from all of us that have a lot, could become reality.

And I go back home with the intention of keep on going. Keep asking for support in my environment, keep fighting, keep getting involved in making this project work doing my bit, because it is easy to feel part of it, because trip after trip, I see the future changing even if its little by little, and because I think that all of us can make the poor people’s life better… It is possible”.