We started our collaboration with the management and fuding of the Medical Center in 2007, a project that our local partner, Seva Sangh Samiti, opened in 1976, and at that time was in danger of closing for lack of funds. The first action we took was the reform and refurbishment of the building, which was in a very precarious condition.

Since then we have contributed to the basic maintenance of the building and providing new services. We started only two medical departments: general medicine and gynaecology. In these eight years we have expanded the services, having today a paediatric department, pulmonology, physiotherapy, pharmacy and the incorporation of the new dental clinic in 2014. Besides two children’s units: the program for malnourished children and day care.

The extension of services to undertake reforms necessary to adapt the spaces to new needs, along with a general set of the entire building, which suffered the effects of weather conditions and use in recent years.

In February and March from this year we have been able to undertake these reforms thanks to the collaboration of a private donation from an individual from Calcutta, who wishes to remain anonymous, and the Indian Women’s Association for Charity from Madrid, renewing their commitment with our work.