Como Trabajamos


We work in collaboration with Seva Sangh Samiti, our Indian counterpart, whose team is made up of local workers who carry out the projects.

The Colours of Calcutta Foundation offers continuous support in the implementation of the projects, the evaluation of the process and the results, and the assessment of the start-up methods of new initiatives. In turn, we work for the long-term sustainability of the projects, strengthening the local structure, encouraging self-financing initiatives and the search for resources in India.

Spain and the international network

The work in Spain centres around financing the projects through collaboration with organisations, partners and specific donors. In turn, they run a variety of activities and events throughout the year, in Spain as well as in Italy and Switzerland, thanks to the collaboration of the Friends of Colours of Calcutta Association in Italy and the Petrini Foundation in Switzerland.

Every year we create an annual report to bring news of the evolution of the programme to donors and contributors. It reflects the work carried out on each of the projects in Calcutta, the actions carried out to finance them, and the financial management. In order to guarantee total transparency in the management of funds, it is audited, both in Spain and in India.